Onwochei et al. Two-Stage Technique Used to Manage Severe Upper Airway Obstruction and Avoid Surgical Tracheostomy: A Case Report. A&A Case Rep 2017

Dr Ahmad and colleagues present a case of a patient with severe upper airway obstruction undergoing surgical intervention, avoiding the need for tracheostomy. The patient sternly refused an awake elective tracheostomy or wide-bore cricothyroid cannula, so a 2-stage airway management technique was performed: an awake fiberoptic intubation with a small diameter endotracheal tube, followed by needle cricothyroidotomy with Cricath®. after anesthetic induction. Ventrain was used to ventilate the patient for 75 minutes (spO2 100%, PaCO2 46 mmHg). Post-operatively Cricath was left in situ for 24 hours. No complications occurred, only her hoarse voice persisted. The patient was discharged home 2 days later. View this elegant two-stage airway management technique: http://links.lww.com/AACR/A133.



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