First publication regarding Evone

  We are really proud of the first publication regarding Evone, showing improved lung recruitment and oxygenation during Ventinova’s unique ventilation method FCV. Excellent work from the work group of Prof. Schumann from UK Freiburg, Germany. Click here for the...

Dutch video clip of visit Panton, starring Evone

  Dutch video clip of visit Panton, starring Ventinova's mechanical small lumen ventilator Evone® using ultra thin endotracheal Tritube® (OD of only 4.4 mm). The whole program, called Ondernemen Doen We Zo, has been broadcasted at RTL 7 on 4 March. At the...

Kongress Anaesthesiologie in Garmisch Partenkirchen

  Meet our colleagues Account Manager Christoph Weiβ and CCO Hans Spierings during the Seminarkongress Anaesthesiologie in Garmisch Partenkirchen (Germany). The congress is organized from 4 March until 9 March. Christoph and Hans are happy to tell you more about...

Ventrain® in Hagberg and Benumof’s airway management

In the 4th edition of Hagberg and Benumof's airway management, Ventrain® is described in two chapters. Chapter 4 ‘Physics of the airway’ is written by D. John Doyle. In this chapter a special section is devoted to ‘Ventilation via Narrow-Bore Catheters’ which...

First hospital to purchase Evone

VUmc (Amsterdam) is the first hospital to purchase our new mechanical ventilator Evone®. From now on patients can be ventilated through a tiny tube (Tritube®), still having a secured airway. The ventilation method of Evone with full flow control opens more potentially...

Animation mechanical ventilator Evone

  Get acquainted with our unique mechanical ventilator Evone® and view the short animation. Evone® provides full ventilation through Tritube®, a cuffed, ultrathin endotracheal tube Patients can be ventilated, still having a secured airway. You can also watch a...

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